Keidel Software for Design-Build Companies

Shift to KEIDEL Software for Siphonic Roof Drainage and improve your business with quick and easy tools.

Convince existing customers, win new customers through improved workflows and fast quotations


Higher profits for you: Talks with customers about solutions.  Prices come later.

Benefit from stronger customer loyalty

Stand out from your competitors

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Benefit from stronger customer loyalty
Stand out from your competitors

Installers Love our isometric drawing because it is so handy and clear.

Implement all pipe systems you need, together with prices and discounts. Compare the prices and choose the cheapest supplier.

The early bird gets the better worm.
Through fast quotes – already in the preliminary planning stage – you have the foot in the door. With our Cost Calculation Tool you can write a quick quotation. Architects and builders will be delighted.

With KEIDEL software you can manage a project from quotation and cost calculation to installation and completion in the best possible way. Architects and building owners will be delighted.

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