Keidel Software for Manufacturers

Only selling pipes is OUT. Simple suppliers are exchangeable. Switch to Siphonic Roof Drainage and conquer this new lucrative market.

What does that mean for
your business?


Higher profits for you: Talks with customers about solutions.  Prices come later.

Benefit from stronger customer loyalty

Stand out from your competitors

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Benefit from stronger customer loyalty
Stand out from your competitors

Your next projects could be with Siphonic Roof Drainage

We implement your pipe systems into the KEIDEL Software for Siphonic Roof Drainage. Sell your Pipes together with KEIDEL Software. Your customers, contractors, engineers, and architects will be thrilled. KEIDEL Software is personalised with your logo and contact information.

Use Siphonic Roof drainage and you get direct access to this profitable market.

We support you during the procurement and development process of a roof outlet (if desired), through software training, with learning videos and training material for self-study, and with after-sales service through online training.

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