Statements of our Customers


“Download, installation, and activation were seamless. User-friendly interface.”

M. Weinfurtner, Graduate Engineer (FH) Buildings Services Engineering of Engineering and Building Services + Energy Consulting

“After I recently decided to buy the KEIDEL Software DrainStar Siphonic Calculator, it was supplied immediately after payment via a download link sent by email. The serial number was then provided promptly in a second email. Installation of the software was realized without any problems and it was possible to start immediately with the design of a siphonic system. In Net Designer you can choose from the usual L, U, and T pipe systems. After entering the roof surfaces, length parameters, and the rainfall rate, the pre-design of the desired pipe system is created. At the push of a button you will receive the corresponding parts list. We needed less than 10 minutes for a pipe system with 8 roof drains.
According to the standard, the KEIDEL Software contains several calculation steps. After having completed software training at KEIDEL Software, the individual calculation steps as well as some sample calculations and the border parameters of the siphonic system were clarified and carried out.
The brilliant thing about the KEIDEL Software is that after calculating the siphonic system, a check using a type of traffic light system is run. Only after all parameters are green, the pipe system is hydraulically balanced.
The results of the isometric drawing can be manually transferred to any CAD system.
Large roof surfaces (40,000 – 100,000 m²) can be designed and calculated quickly and without any problem.
I would no longer do without the KEIDEL software, and I already look forward to designing and calculating the next large roof surfaces.”

Engineer (Dipl. Ing. FH) Hans Georg Aufmhoff

“For 4 years we have been using the DrainStar Siphonic Calculator for various well-known German manufacturers of vacuum drainage systems as well as specialist consultants and architects with great success. Since then a number of installations have been functioning satisfactorily without any problems whatsoever. With transposition of the standards and rules applicable in Europe, the DrainStar Siphonic Calculator allows drainage systems for flat roofs to be calculated quickly and reliably for many different construction methods. In a nutshell, the DrainStar Siphonic Calculator is a reliable tool that is key to boosting functional and economic efficiency in flat roof drainage technology.”

Jürgen Frei, former managing director of Wavin GmbH Kunststoffrohrsysteme

“The experience we gained with this software is very positive. The clear graphic presentation allows easy editing and handling of projects and enables the user to run pipe network calculations very quickly. Further program features such as automatic generation of materials lists, simple hydraulic adjustments and the option to calculate changes within the pipe network are also highly appreciated by our employees. Another highlight is the clear layout of the calculation results, making it a simple task to refine the data calculations.”

C.M. Lee, director/general manager of Helmed Company Limited

“In order to extend our roofing expertise to roof drainage, we began to search for suitable software for roof drainage with pressure flow. Our choice was the German company KEIDEL. Our requirements concerning localisation and technical adaption of the software were fulfilled completely by KEIDEL. We were most impressed by their specialist competence, professional customer care, punctuality and reliability. This experience is an excellent basis for a good long-term cooperation.”

Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) J. Elsner, engineering office for building services

“We were immediately impressed by the intuitive user-prompting system, which only produces a single result. After we had entered basic data such as the width and length of the roof, height and position of the drop point as well as the rainwater level, the program did the rest. The results included not only the bills of material but also an isometric drawing, which can be used in CAD applications. One could hardly design a more practical program. We would like to let you know that we are entirely satisfied with your program and would not like to do without it. We hope this program will remain on the market for many years to come.”

Thorsten Christian, Head of marketing, ACO Haustechnik

“In 2005 we developed our software for planning and calculating siphonic roof drainage AQUAPERFECT together with our partner DÜKER and KEIDEL GMBH on the basis of the KEIDEL Software DrainStar Siphonic Calculator. The company ACO Passavant GMBH – a drainage specialist – brought in its stainless steel and cast iron drains and galvanised pipe systems, while DÜKER contributed its cast pipe systems including coupling technology.
KEIDEL GMBH successfully integrated these different pipe systems with the ACO Jet flat roof drains into a program package, with which we have been successfully planning and calculating a wide variety of projects ever since.”

Jürgen Marschall, Sales Manager Germany, Düker GmbH & Co. KGaA

“Since 2007, the Düker company has been calculating roof drainage projects utilising the siphonic roof drainage concept. In doing so, the Düker company worked in cooperation with roof drainage specialist ACO Passavant. The installations are planned and calculated using ACO Passavant Jet drains and our SML program including fastening technology and your Aquaperfect® Software. We are very satisfied with your software and we thank you for your company’s support.”

Martin Frølund Svalgaard, Product Manager at BLÜCHER METAL A/S:

“We chose KEIDEL GMBH as partner and supplier for the software because of their knowledge and references in this segment. It has been a pleasure working with KEIDEL during the construction phase. They are always helpful and available for any questions.”

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